About Us

I started Benny's Botanicals after my Chihuahua and best friend, Benito, left us in 2015. I was heartbroken, but also confident that I had done everything I could to make his last years more comfortable. When he first showed signs of joint pain, arthritis, and age, I researched and sought out the best pet supplements to ensure his last years with me were comfortable.

As a Biology Major at the University of California, I studied the unique chemical compounds produced by plants and fauna that hold medicinal value. Through my research, I found Hemp Oil Cannabinoids, specifically Cannabidiol (CBDs), have tremendous beneficial effects for humans and pets.

After developing what is now "NeoVive" and giving it to Benito for his pain and arthritis, I became a true believer. The right blend of high quality CBD extract and beneficial oils made Benny's last few years happier, healthier, and more comfortable. I started Benny’s Botanicals to ensure that every loving pet owner is informed and has access to Benny’s Botanicals CBDs for their best friends. Today, Benny’s Botanicals is a California leader in Hemp CBD Oil for dogs and cats and proud to be helping thousands of loyal customers across the United States.

We Love Your Pets!

- Bob, Founder of Benny’s Botanicals