Suggested Serving

Our recommended servings for our CBD Oil Tinctures are guidelines that we have established based on years of observations of our dog and cat clients that we have worked with as well as an aggregation of current information and scientific data that is available. We recommend that you start with a half of a serving size for the first few days, and then gradually bring your pet up to the recommended serving. Currently, we have seen that a ratio of 1mg of Benny’s CBDs to every Four (4) Pounds of your pet’s body weight is effective. We suggest you adjust according to your pet’s needs and your vet’s recommendations.

Feed 2X a day, preferably with meals.
Do not exceed recommended serving.

Serving Size:

Pet Weight NeoVive 250 NeoVive 500
1-10lbs (2mg) = 1/4 dropper 1/8 dropper
10-25lbs (4mg) = 1/2 dropper 1/4 dropper
26- 40lbs (8mg) = 1 dropper 1/2 dropper
41-60lbs (12mg) = 1 1/2 dropper 3/4 dropper
61-80lbs (16mg) = 2 dropper 1 dropper
80+lbs (20mg) = 2 1/2 dropper 1 1/4 dropper

At Benny's Botanicals, our goal has been and always will be to help enrich the full lives of both our pet customers and their humans.