Below are some words from our clients, who are just as passionate as we are about Benny's Botanicals CBD Oil playing a role in the health and happiness of their dog or cat:

Great for doggy anxiety!

My dog, Washburn, was abandoned before becoming part of our family. He has a few quirks and can be terribly neurotic and anxious. Household sounds would terrify him (the a/c, someone at the door.) He would cower in a corner crying and shaking uncontrollably. After trying many therapies recommended by our vet, we were at our wit's end. Luckily we found Benny's CBD Oil for Dogs and it has definitely improved his quality of life. He is more relaxed and getting more comfortable every day. I definitely recommend Benny’s for pet anxiety.
- John, Austin, TX.

Worked well for my cat!

My cat has bad separation anxiety, and he misbehaves a lot when I leave for work. He scratches the furniture and sprays urine on things that smell like me (usually my bed...). He also meows for hours when I get home, no matter how much attention I give him. I saw a Facebook ad for Benny’s CBD Oil for Cats so I thought I’d give it a try. It has helped more than anything! His problem behaviors have pretty much gone away, seriously! And he’s more content when I get home in the evening. I am so thankful I found Benny’s.
- Christina, Miami, FL

My Cat’s not a brat anymore!

My cat has always been untrustworthy around guests- she will swat or nip at strangers and friends. Whenever guests came over, we had to lock her away. Benny's Botanicals CBD Oil has literally turned that around! Over the last 3 months Pinot has become friendlier, calmer, and... happier! Last week, we left her out with friends, and not one single act of aggression. NONE! We just bought our second bottle. CBDs are for real! We couldn't be happier!!!
- Chris, Long Island, NY

I can't believe the results!

My middle-aged kitty had been slowing down a bit and seemed to be having trouble with arthritis/joint pain. A pet store near me sells Benny's CBD Oil for pets and they always spoke highly of it. When I saw it was online at a price that was in my budget, I thought I'd give it a shot. Amazingly, I've noticed a big improvement with my cat's energy- she's bouncing off the walls again like a kitten! I'm very happy and almost can’t believe the results.
-Mark, St. Paul, MN

Finally! My dog is the best coworker ever!

My Pitbull can be very anxious and barks at EVERYTHING. Working from home, this can really mess with my productivity. I’d been thinking about trying CBDs for dogs for a while and I'm so grateful my dog sitter recommended Benny's Hemp CBDs. After adding this to her diet, she is much calmer, barking less, and allowing me to get much more done. I Highly recommend Benny’s for over anxious dogs and barkers.
– Erin, Houston, TX.

Digestion aid and Arthritis remedy in one!

How did we ever live without Benny’s Botanicals?! We love it in our household. I have 3 dogs. All 3 use it for different reasons: Joint pain, Digestion aid, and mood stabilizer. It works wonders for all three! Thank you for making Benny’s Hemp CBD Oil available beyond California!! I’m telling everyone I know!
- Kerry, Lampoc, MI

Porkchop can't get enough CBDs!

To be honest, I was hesitant to try CBDs for my dog’s anxiety and phobias. I was worried he’d get stoned, but he’s totally normal just much calmer and happier. Especially when traveling long distances, when he usually stresses out and then stresses me out. I usually start putting it on his treats and food a few days before we leave, he licks it off then eats the treat/food. By the time we fly, he is much calmer and handles the traveling way better.
- Craig, Spokane, WA

I seriously can’t believe it works!

My dog, Tuesday, has/had very bad separation anxiety. But seriously after a few weeks of the Benny’s CBD oil, I can already see a major difference. He has stopped licking his paws like crazy and has stopped chewing on my slippers and everything else. There’s a little smell to the hemp oil that he seems to love in his food, so feeding is simple… This stuff really really works!
- Lisa, Camarillo, CA

The Endocalming/Calming Effect is real!

Wow. Our 19 year old Chihuahua, Chiquita, is usually very aggressive and will nip when she has pain or itchy skin. Our friend visited from Los Angeles with his dog and a bottle of Benny’s CBDs and we tried it with Chiquita and within hours she stopped nipping and was calm and actually stopped scratching. I’ve since bought three bottles online and now her coat is getting thicker! This stuff is a lifesaver!
- Beccy, Nashville, TN